Biometric /RFID Attendance

Biometric Attendance helps school/college administration to track attendance of employees with in time and out time. And our Biometric product is a standalone 2g GPRS SIM based device which will send the attendance information to cloud server in 20 seconds. So owner/supervisor of concern can easily track the presence of employees without any other assistance.

Total number of working hours in a month and absentees of the month reports can be generated from the login which helps in payroll for accounts department.

  • No need of pc
  • No need of software installation
  • No Need of Ip And Port Number
  • No Need of Ethernet Cabling
  • No Need of Operating System
  • No Need of Router
  • No Need of Internet Connection
  • No Need To Install The Cables Around
  • No Tie Between Device And Server
  • Easy To Replace One To One Instantly
  • Data Pushed By Device Instantly And Lively
  • No Data Tampering Issue


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